29. June 2023

Career at KiKxxl

In our “Career at KiKxxl” series, today we introduce Jan-Phillip, who has been with us for almost 9 years. He has worked his way up from customer consultant to project manager. In our interview, you can find out more about his career!

What was your career like?

During my sociology studies, I worked in event technology and then started my own business. However, I realized that I didn’t like this field and needed a job to earn money quickly and to rehabilitate myself financially a bit. So I discovered the call center industry, where I had already gained experience in market research during my studies. KiKxxl enjoyed a very good reputation – and so I started as a customer consultant here in 2014! Actually, I just wanted to have a look… And now I’ve been here for 9 years.

And how have you developed over the years with us?

I really enjoyed my work as a customer consultant and was quickly successful. In addition, I have always done evaluations on the side. After six months, I was asked if I could imagine doing this in an “official” position. So I moved from the sales department to the back office, where I was responsible for quality assurance. From there, I moved seamlessly into coach training and then into the trainee phase. After five months, I was promoted to team leader. Just under a year and a half later, I was given the title of senior team leader, and I’ve now been a project manager for two years.

What do you think of the corporate culture at KiKxxl?

KiKxxl is a cool company with a healthy structure and culture, where the focus is on the employees. There is a lot of creative freedom to make a difference and achieve success. The work environment is positive and unique and every day I come to work with a smile. My goal is for all employees to feel the same enthusiasm – and in my position I am lucky enough to set the course!

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