Values & Guiding principles

Our values – one company, one vision!

Employees and managers working together as equals comes naturally to us. We have developed values by which we all live and work in the company. This is how we strive to achieve our vision – and achieve transparency and direction for all.

These are subject to a constant process of review, revision and improvement. Because in a company that moves with the times, values are not static either.


We derive satisfaction from working together through mutual respect. We believe respect means appreciation, tolerance and honesty in open dialogue with our colleagues, clients and customers. We measure fairness in our dealings with others against our own expectations.


Our mission is to conscientiously meet the high demands of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of reliability. By treating one another honestly and approaching clients in a professional, respectable manner, we sustainably improve the reputation of our industry. Our responsibility is to take care of our colleagues, while at the same time providing secure jobs and supporting social projects in the region.


We encourage and promote our success in sales. Our service commitment is aligned with our quality code ‘Quality made by KiKxxl’. We provide targeted customer contact that is fresh, original and sustainable.


Our thinking is markedly different. We focus our actions on inspiring our colleagues, customers and clients and making the impossible possible in the shortest possible time. To do this, we strike out in new directions, are solution-focussed and think outside the box. Our success hinges on creativity.


Our team has a flat hierarchy and a family atmosphere. We support each other in a spirit of solidarity. Our excellent performance is the result of a collective effort and an appreciation of each and every one of us.