Industry solutions for telecommunication services

Our call centre solutions for telecommunication services.

​The world is networked like never before. It is constantly changing and evolving. We at KiKxxl have also made it our mission to continue to evolve and  always offer you the best standards of service. So when it comes to matters. such as contract issues and amendments, master data changes and also invoicing issues, we are the best contact for your project. But that’s not all. We can easily assist you in the area of sales. We enter into new contracts on your behalf, take care of winning back customers and contract renewals.

Our highly trained and motivated colleagues take good care of your customers. We are also ideally placed to help on the technical side. You can rely on us to take care of the entire fault handling process, from acceptance to resolution, and to answer your hardware questions with the help of our tech-savvy staff.


New contracts
Contract renewals


Customer recovery
Customer loyalty


Acceptance and resolution of faults
Questions about hardware

1ST/2nd Level

Ticket system with follow-up
Problem solving.

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