Striking the right note.

Large-scale telephone calls to your customers is often time-consuming and requires special training or induction for your staff. Make it easy on yourself and delegate this activity to the trained professionals at KiKxxl!

Outbound projects are where we actively call existing or potential customers on your behalf to promote the sale of your products and services. These outbound projects can be carried out independently or as part of a comprehensive dialogue marketing campaign.

Outbound Sales

Do you need reliable and results-oriented support in the outbound sector? Do you lack the personnel and time capacities to convert your existing customers to a new product, a limited campaign or an innovative service? Then simply leave the outbound calls to us – KiKxxl, your experienced contact centre service providers.

Opt-in generation

Obtaining the data consent of the respective customers (opt-in) is essential for legally correct communication. Opt-ins are required for all sales channels in the private customer sector. We generate sustainable approach strategies drawing on our comprehensive expertise, for the largest possible number in the shortest possible time.

Customer acquisition

You have an innovative product or service, but unfortunately you lack customers who are willing and able to pay? Do you lack ideas, opportunities or suitable personnel to make successful cold calls and persuade potential interested parties? Then you should contact KiKxxl and entrust us with customer acquisition.

Pre- & After Sale

Every company needs new customers – hardly anyone can live on existing customers alone. But acquiring new customers is time-consuming. Especially since the sales department needs a ‘spearhead’ to do the groundwork.

The goal of after-sales management is generally to build customer loyalty and to induce them to buy from the company again by providing good service. Because it is true: ‘After the purchase is before the purchase.’ We can handle this pre- and post-sales work for you.

Inbound Sales

We are happy to answer potential customers’ questions about contracts and products.

When customers call on their own, the deal is not far away. We are happy to close the deal for you at this point.

Cross- & Upselling

With our help, you can offer and sell your customers additional products and services.

Our cross- and upselling concepts are perfectly designed to increase your turnover and customer loyalty.

Lead & appointment generation

We generate leads and appointments for the sales force and handle the coordination, naturally taking into account your specifications (routes, frequencies, sectors, company size, etc.). This means that your sales channel is always full.


Regrettably, there are always situations in which companies, through carelessness, poor communication or a chain of unfortunate circumstances, increase customer turnover and lose one or more profitable customers. In such cases, it is important to initiate appropriate measures to win back customers.

Sales Chat

Take advantage of another channel for you and your customers. Our chat support offers an innovative solution in the field of customer interaction and communication.  We create a pleasant sales and service experience for your customers exactly where they need it.

Our specialised chat programmes generate actionable analysis, opportunities and performance metrics, enabling ongoing optimisation and development.


As the competitive pressure on the market increases, the more important it becomes to place the customer with his needs and wishes at the centre of all entrepreneurial activities.

A customer satisfaction survey is a good way to find out how a product or service is perceived by your customer both in terms of quality and service.

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