Industry solutions for tourism

Our call centre solutions for the tourism industry.

People want and are going to travel. No pandemic will change this in the long run. The tourism industry has grown year-on-year and will also recover after the pandemic. Following the decline of traditional travel agencies and the growing interest in online offers, your customers also expect to be able to reach you online, which we can easily and readily enable you to do.

We handle bookings, changes to existing bookings, pricing and queries on your behalf.. We are on hand if you would like to make special offers to your customers and process these for you. We also keep your customers updated about prices and provide information on availability, organise seats and special reservations for you and handle any enquiries about the  transport network available at the holiday destination.


Enquiries about existing bookings, price and vacancy information, enquiries about the transport network


Sale of products cross- and upselling, upgrade booking


Direct communication with customers to clarify any questions straight away

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