Family & Career

In our company, we manage both.

Achieving a balance between family and career is a huge challenge and not always an easy one. KiKxxl offers a wide range of benefits to make everyday working life as family-friendly as possible. These include, for example, a flexible working hours model, an option to work from home and emergency childcare.

This makes it possible to achieve a balance between children and a career.

KiKxxs emergency care

Emergency care comes to your home and looks after your children in their familiar surroundings. This emergency childcare is offered by the Familienbündnis von Stadt und Land Osnabrück, the Ev. Bildungsstätte Osnabrück

Flexible working hours

KiKxxl offers flexible and family-friendly working arrangements to meet the individual needs of our employees.

Home Office

Having a working from home option gives even more freedom to work in a family-friendly way. It means you can easily juggle work and family life.

Holiday care

KiKxxl offers a variety of location-based holiday care services to help bridge the holiday period for children in daycare and school.

Leave of absence/holiday

Over and above the statutory regulations, KiKxxl can grant special leave for important family reasons. There are also preferential holiday arrangements for parents.


KiKxxl offers a variety of discounts for swimming pools and gyms. There is also a selection of discounts, e.g. at zoos or amusement parks (corporate benefits) as an employee.

Cooperation partner

KiKxxl makes it possible for me to balance family and career. It’s easy, thanks to a flexible working hours arrangement.

Dorina Guss, Head of Marketing