Employee benefits

For you.

We expect a lot from our employees – and we offer a lot in return. In addition to a salary that is above the industry average, KiKxxl employees can enjoy a range of attractive additional services and employee benefits.

We have summarised the most important benefits for you: from the company pension scheme to a massage during working hours, from the subsidised canteen at the location in Osnabrück to the HanseFit fitness programme and free drinks at the workplace – take a look at our additional benefits.



For a very low monthly fee, you can use the many sport and wellness facilities available around our locations.
Further information: www.hansefit.de


Job Ticket

It is possible to purchase a Job Ticket at all locations in the Ruhr region and in Osnabrück. This allows our colleagues to save money and, thanks to the good connections at all locations, they can get from A to B cheaply and comfortably.



Full of momentum for fun: Discover the JobRad offer from KiKxxl! Benefit from attractive leasing options for your dream bike and enjoy trips together with our partner options.



As part of your private pension plan, KiKxxl offers you a company pension plan by converting part of your salary into a company pension plan (KiKbav). This means that you pay less tax and social security contributions, and KiKxxl adds something on top.



You’ll be talking a lot at KiKxxl – to make sure you don’t lose your voice, KiKxxl has free tea and mineral water available for you during working hours.
We also have coffee lounges set up for you on all floors. Here you can get a variety of coffee specialities for free.


Employees recruit employees

A huge number of KiKxxl employees are highly satisfied with their employer. Regular independent analyses, e.g. by TÜV or the Top Job survey, prove this. As a result, KiKxxl encourages its employees to promote the company’s growth and recommend KiKxxl as an employer by offering attractive bonuses.



Obviously, we need your flexibility to be able to respond to the variations in campaigns and call volumes. But we also give flexibility in return: KiKxxl offers flexible and family-friendly working arrangements to meet the individual needs of our employees.


Children emergency

What happens if your child falls ill or the daycare centre is closed? KiKxxl employees can call on experienced caregivers in emergencies. They will come to your home and look after your children in their familiar surroundings.


Subsidised lunch

KiKxxl subsidises your lunch to the tune of 1.50 euros per meal. In Osnabrück, this is provided by the canteen, and we have cooperative agreements with a number of nearby bistros and restaurants at our other locations.


Works Committee

The in-house works committee assists with questions and problems relating to working hours, overtime, granting holidays and in all legal matters for employees. If requested, they are present at staff talks and are also on hand to answer questions on racism, mobbing or dangers to health and safety.



People who work a lot should also celebrate a lot. At least that’s how we see it at KiKxxl. That’s why KiKxxl has a range of incentives in store for you: employees sometimes get a flat rate for chocolate, cinema or shoes for their performance, sometimes it’s a free allowance for the team kitty, sometimes it’s vouchers.



KiKxxl employees can also shop online – with attractive discounts. Good wine, trendy brand-name clothing, new furniture or even a new car – our KiKxxl staff shop offers a wide range of high-quality items. And at amazingly low prices, too!


Free WiFi

Checking Facebook, Instagram and emails during your lunch break can really use up your data. To help, KiKxxl gives you free Wi-Fi access during your break at all of our locations. Simply connect your device to the Wi-Fi network and start surfing.


Holiday leave

KiKxxl gives its employees 26 days of annual leave exceeding the minimum holiday entitlement required by law. Employees who have been with the company for 5 or 10 years get two extra days on top.