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​Relationships in networked markets are terminated and renegotiated at breathtaking speed. Brand loyalty is the corporate version of a relationship. But the break-up is a coming – and soon. Customers have never been as flighty as they are today.

KiKxxl actively assists in integrating classic and ‘new’ communication channels so that you can continue to provide consistent customer communication. As a result, our services help deliver high-quality, effective customer service and a sustainable, positive image. Our team will be happy to advise you on this.

Our all-round service ranges from social media consulting and conception to the complete management of your corporate image on social networks.

Community Management

Whether TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Co., there’s nowhere faster for customers to exchange information than on these platforms. Posts and comments need to be monitored and commented on. Our trained team of customer advisers makes it possible to respond quickly.

Sales & Service Chats

A live chat function on your website means you can talk to potential customers directly without any complicated procedures, allowing you to respond to their questions immediately. This increases customer satisfaction. A chat function makes direct contact possible between a sales representative and potential customers. KiKxxl has a perfectly trained sales team at your disposal

Online manager

There is a trend among customers to clarify questions and personal issues online. We have a large number of online advisers who can handle communication for you via chat or video telephony. Personal video advising is also becoming increasingly popular, allowing questions and problems to be clarified even more directly.

AI & Bots

Communication is changing. It is becoming increasingly important to talk to customers in a direct and uncomplicated way. Whether via webchats, an APP service, WhatsApp or other messengers – we can support whatever approach you take.

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