KiKxxl goes green

Shaping the future safely

We are a company with sustainable growth and our success largely hinges on our foresight and responsible actions. A sensible and modern real estate strategy, for example, not only protects the environment, but also saves costs in the long term.

Environmental pollution and its effects are becoming more and more visible. In response to this, we are specifically focusing on environmentally friendly behaviour. We believe energy-saving measures start in everyday work processes and at each individual workplace.


All employees have energy-saving flat screens, lights switch off automatically when offices are empty and equipment that is not in use is shut down. Each location has replaced old fluorescent tubes with LED ones.


Heating and air conditioning can be set individually for each office and also controlled centrally. The heating system has been converted from costly electricity to energy-efficient gas condensing boilers and the majority of the heating pumps were replaced with electricity-saving pumps at the same time.


We print all commercial documents, business cards and corporate brochures on recycled paper. The payroll department has completely switched over to digital payroll accounting and personnel files are also digitalised.


Waste is separated and superfluous printouts are used as scrap paper. The canteen in Osnabrück serves take-away menus in recyclable food packaging; in addition, no surplus is produced and the food is completely recycled.

Climate and environmental protection

KiKxxl is the proud sponsor of 500 trees. Together with PLANT-MY-TREE®, the sustainable tree planting for CO2 compensation took place in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia.