22. March 2024

Insights into our KiKxxl IT

In today’s digital era, information technology (IT) is essential to any modern business. It impacts almost every area of work and plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency, improving communication and tackling complex business challenges. Our IT department forms the backbone of our corporate infrastructure and is instrumental in keeping our operations running, developing innovative solutions and strengthening our competitiveness.

Our IT team are not just technicians; they are the architects of our digital future. Their activities cover a wide range of tasks, from managing our IT infrastructure to developing customized software solutions and ensuring data security. By taking a look behind the scenes, we want to show that our IT department is a dynamic and diverse community of professionals working together to achieve our company’s strategic goals.

This dynamic is also reflected in their constant movement. Whether within our locations, where they metaphorically put out fires, or in cross-location activities, including international travel – our IT is constantly on the move. In Germany alone, they cover an impressive 48,000 kilometers per year.

The team is characterized not only by technological expertise, but also by remarkable diversity on a personal level. Within the department, there are employees with a wide range of professional backgrounds, including carpenters and office clerks, for example. This diversity is also reflected in individual interests, from spider breeding to drone flying. These different perspectives and skills also encourage creative approaches to solutions. In order to achieve optimal results, they maintain a continuous exchange within the team. This enables us to tackle challenges together and find efficient solutions. The effectiveness of our teamwork is also reflected in impressive figures, such as the processing of over 160,000 tasks in the last 25 years.

Our IT department naturally uses specific technical language, but they are adept at making complex issues tangible for everyone. A vivid example of this is our petabyte memory, which has the capacity to continuously store music for 2,000 years or take 4,000 photos a day for a lifetime.

Further fascinating insights into our IT department: over a period of 25 years, our programmers have developed over 2,100 front ends, admin tools and scripts. Of the 160,000 tasks already mentioned in the task planner, over 50,000 were completed exclusively by the programmers. More than 4,300 tables were created on our main database server, and an impressive 500 million voice files were recorded, processed and stored.

In addition, we have 800 virtual machines that have successfully replaced hardware. The total weight of this hardware is 3 kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of a 2.4 ton rhino bull. We have continuous access to 40 million voice files stored in the infrastructure. In addition, the cables laid at all our locations could run from Osnabrück to Istanbul.

We are proud to have a team that is so committed and capable and are confident that together we will master future challenges!

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