10. September 2021

Wir spenden Haribo!

KiKxxl spendet an die Osnabrücker, Bremer und Bochumer Tafeln und an “Help and Hope” 500 kg Haribo.

Do you still remember the “Day of the candy”, when we were all surprised by KiKxxl with a whole 4 kg of Haribo?

It’s been almost a month since this campaign took place and during this time we have received a number of return and buffer packages. Of course, we don’t want to just let them stand there, but make many other people happy with them! And we are sure that we can still make a lot of people happy with the remaining 500 kg of sweets.

That’s why we apprentices took these packages to the Tafel of Osnabrück and Bremen in the last few days, thus ensuring a lot of joy in the run-up to Christmas. Of course, the Bochum Tafel and the organization “Help and Hope” in Dortmund should not be left out. Therefore, directly in the new year, the last boxes of Haribo are donated there.

But see for yourself:

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