10. September 2021

The KiKxxl Academy

“Learning takes a lifetime” says a wise saying. It’s no different at KiKxxl: whether you’re a beginner learning everything about your project from the ground up so that you can handle the systems and talk to customers on the phone, or you’re an experienced customer consultant making your way toward becoming a coach, trainer, or team leader.

Learning at KiKxxl means a lot of digital learning (in addition to the necessary classroom training). That’s why we have the KiKxxl Academy, which is filled by our training department and project trainers.

You can imagine the KiKxxl Academy as a large kitchen cabinet with many compartments and drawers in which larger and smaller learning units on various topics are waiting to be worked on. For example, there is the data protection instruction, which is no longer a pure read-aloud text as it used to be, but which supplements the audio text with interactive diagrams. In addition, there are various explanatory videos on systems and processes and, of course, a whole host of modules on learning topics such as feedback, time management or conversation management. With quiz parts, learning games and graphics, the learning time is not long. In general, the strategy of the KiKxxl Academy is short input with mental exercise instead of a cramming marathon.

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