2. February 2024

Masterclass 2023

At a time when the demands on managers are becoming ever more extensive, it is crucial to find innovative ways to share knowledge, create momentum and promote exchange. A promising approach to this was taken at our Masterclass, which was launched by our training department and aimed to not only impart knowledge, but to create a space for fruitful discussion.

The topics covered ranged across areas such as “Leading Gen Z”, “Learning from mistakes”, “Mental health”, “Colleague or enemy” and “How has leadership changed?”. Ten managers from different locations shared their perspectives on these topics and presented creative approaches to thinking outside the box.
The basic idea behind this seminar was not simply to impart knowledge, but to create a space in which the participants are actively involved in the discussion process. The trainers took on the role of facilitators to encourage an open and productive environment. The group of participants was diverse, including coaches, administrators, trainees and even the managing director Andreas took part in a seminar. This heterogeneous mix helped to bring in different perspectives and broaden horizons.

The initial focus was on developing a common level of knowledge and initiating a general process of understanding. This led to numerous “aha” moments in which the participants not only learned from the trainers, but above all from each other.

“The seminar was enriching for all participants and proof that sharing experiences and perspectives forms the basis for successful leadership in the modern working world.”

- Stefan, Head of Training

A highlight of the project was the presentation at a client’s conference, where the Masterclass was awarded first place in the “Personnel Development” category. This success not only underlines the relevance of the chosen approach, but also confirms the need for new impulses and opportunities for exchange in modern personnel development.

A continuation of the seminar is also in the planning stage, which will build on the now established general level of knowledge from the first masterclass. We look forward to further developments and are excited about what is yet to come!

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