30. November 2021

New site in Bottrop is online

KiKxxl GmbH continues to grow and opened its sixth location in Germany on the first of August in Bottrop.

In order to meet the growing demands and expectations of our clients, but also to drive our own growth targets, the need to open a new location became great. Due to our already existing locations in the Ruhr area, the decision to look for another option here as well was obvious. The decision in favor of Bottrop was made due to the small number of local competitors and the prospect of good recruitment opportunities for employees, which would contribute to an increase in capacity.

In order to be able to come online more quickly, as our office buildings in the new Bauknecht Quarter are not expected to be ready for occupancy until the 1st quarter of 2022, we came up with a creative interim solution. After examining options such as using office space as interim space, we decided to set up office containers. They have the advantage that the workforce is already on site and does not have to travel long distances. In addition, this solution made it possible to integrate a mobile data center, which, thanks to its configuration, can later be incorporated into the office buildings without any problems.

Regarding the containers themselves, Ralf Timmer, Head of Facility Management, said:

“Due to a timely challenge from a major client, we started researching for a suitable interim solution as an office concept and quickly came across the offers from ELA-Container. The planning of our specifications was implemented in a very short time, so that we were able to quickly go through the construction application procedure thanks to the comprehensive documents and technical documentation. The assembly of the office container system worked excellently thanks to a professional assembly team.”

Currently, a total of 14 employees are working in Bottrop to manage outbound projects. Working in the container is perceived very positively by the employees, who feel that their temporary workplace is like a “real” office. In the future, the location will continue to grow despite the container solution. It can accommodate a total of 63 employees, and we aim to utilize this capacity to the full.

Overall, the start went very well, which is mainly due to the good working atmosphere. The new employees are supported by experienced staff who have moved to Bottrop from other locations.

All in all, Bottrop is helping us to achieve our goals and we are very pleased to have opened up a new location.

(Photos: ELA Container)

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