30. November 2021

KiKxxl apprentices get down to business

Our first-year apprentices get involved despite Covid obstacles and collect donations for the German Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Löwenherz e.V. children’s hospice.

At KiKxxl GmbH, it is a tradition for 1st year apprentices to get involved in a social project. The goal is to generate a high donation amount through several charitable actions. The trainees are completely free to choose which organization will benefit from the aid money. In the past, for example, barbecues, waffle and cake sales were held, the proceeds of which were then donated. However, the pandemic made such activities difficult, which is why the trainees at the Bremen site came up with something creative.

Deposit bottles were collected from the individual areas. To facilitate this, special containers were provided free of charge by the company on each floor, giving employees the opportunity to conveniently dispose of their deposit bottles. Every week, these were emptied by the trainees and delivered to the nearest supermarket. In addition, the company provided free headphones, which were sold by the trainees on two dates for a fee of at least 2€. Through this strong and tireless effort, a total of €1,905.38 was collected.

The trainees were very concerned about strengthening families and especially children who have suffered blows of fate. That is why they decided to support the German Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Löwenherz e.V. children’s hospice in Bremen. The collected contribution was divided equally.

As a company, we are very proud of this campaign and the commitment of all the employees involved, which is why we will continue to support such projects in the future.

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