8. January 2024

Mental health at KiKxxl

Mental health – an important topic that affects us all. At KiKxxl, we also take this issue seriously and attach great importance to the well-being of our employees. For this reason, we have 14 mental health first aiders in our ranks. Their mission: to support colleagues in times of mental crisis or when their mental health deteriorates. They are the trailblazers who take the first step towards a solution – be it by finding professional points of contact or by their ever-helpful presence.

This support is bearing visible fruit. Many of our first responders have already been able to offer valuable support. But it is not only the direct help that is valuable, the awareness that someone is there to provide support in times of uncertainty also underlines its importance:

“Reducing fear of contact and raising awareness of the issue are crucial. Through our mental health first aiders, we not only provide concrete support in crisis situations, but also lay the foundation for open awareness. It’s not just about offering help, but also about letting our colleagues know that support is directly available.”

- Marcus, mental health first aider and senior team leader

In addition to our mental health first aiders, the 2023 Masterclass is also currently taking place at KiKxxl. Here, our managers receive input on various topics in different courses and can exchange ideas intensively. In addition to a diverse range of courses, the focus here is also on mental health.

Thomas, one of our first responders for mental health and also a speaker at the Masterclass 2023, also emphasizes the importance of mental health:

“Appreciating our mental health is the key to a strong and successful team. In the Masterclass 2023 and beyond, we are focusing on this important topic together.”

- Thomas, mental health first aider and senior project manager

We are proud to work together to create a working environment in which everyone is not only heard, but also actively supported. This basis is crucial for sustainable success and the satisfaction of our employees. Through mutual support and appreciation, we promote individual potential and a positive work culture.

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