26. May 2023

Career KiKxxl

In our “Careers at KiKxxl” series, we are introducing Sebastian today, who has now been with us for 18 years. He has worked his way up from customer consultant to senior project manager. Find out more about his career in our interview!

What was your career like at KiKxxl?

After my training as a wholesale and export merchant in 2004, I actually only wanted to work in the call center as a transitional measure, but after a brief period with a market companion, I found my way to KiKxxl in 2005. At that time, there was just one built-out floor in Osnabrück. My odyssey started in outbound, here I got several opportunities until I arrived at the home port inbound. My journey as a manager started in 2007 as a team assistant (current team leader), after a cruise with management tasks, WFM management and TC system administration with development to senior team leader I landed in the port of project business in 2015. Since then, I have had lead responsibility for the technical area. With the step to project manager in 2016, I took over more and more responsibility in the whole area, until in 2020, as senior project manager, I am responsible together with a colleague for the service in Osnabrück and another area in Bremen with more than 200 employees* in total. The area in Bremen has developed very well after several sandstorms, hurricanes and other bad weather. We’ve been growing with energy services since 2022 and are currently making a very successful entry into sales.

How are you doing here at KiKxxl?

18 years is a long time, and I have been able to experience and help shape a large part of the company’s history. I think it’s remarkable what kind of corporate culture has developed here over the years. I particularly like the open and collegial way people interact with each other; I find it exciting how well so many different people from all kinds of cultures and different backgrounds work together day after day. Above all, I’m always driven by new challenges, the opportunity to accompany other colleagues in their own development in my position and to celebrate successes together. Of course, fun is never neglected! All of this motivates me day after day, no matter how exhausting it can sometimes be, to enjoy docking in my home port. The teamwork and cohesion is unique.

What do you think sets KiKxxl apart?

When I entered the call center industry, the reputation was much worse than it is today. At KiKxxl, the focus is on people, which is particularly evident in the fact that values such as appreciation, respect, trust and understanding are writ large. Everyone has the chance to integrate into the company and find their place. Sometimes, as was the case with me at the beginning, it takes a few attempts to find the right place. Futhermore we are professionals in showing young people perspectives and introducing them to the world of working life. But we also get experienced career changers / re-entrants on board and involve everyone in the big world of our industry. At KiKxxl, family / private life can be flexibly combined, the motto is “give and take” and this principle is one of the reasons for our success.

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