10. March 2023

Career at KiKxxl

Today we introduce you to Ciprian in our series “Careers at KiKxxl”. Ciprian is a project manager at three of our locations: Dortmund, Recklinghausen and Istanbul. He started as a customer consultant at KiKxxl. You can learn more about him in our interview!

What was your career at KiKxxl like?
I came to Germany in 2014 and started at KiKxxl. I had already worked in the call center industry in my home country of Romania. At KiKxxl, I first started as a customer consultant and then trained as a coach. I then became a trainee and, in 2020, a team leader. In my position as team leader, I was then given a project in Recklinghausen and became project manager. Now I’m a project manager in Dortmund and in Recklinghausen, and I’m also half responsible for the Istanbul site.

What do you enjoy the most?
I love the variety in my job. I enjoy commuting between the sites, and the trips to Turkey also add variety. I deal with a lot of different people and travel a lot. It doesn’t get any better than that for me!

What do you like best about your team?
With us, everyone can be who they are. No one has to pretend! That’s what makes our team special. And with the team you can have a lot of fun! Bowling, soccer, barbecue… It never gets boring with us!

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