27. May 2024

Green visions: The path to a sustainable future

In a world in which the challenges posed by environmental pollution are becoming ever more apparent, we see it as our duty to act responsibly and with foresight. KiKxxl strives for sustainable growth based not only on economic success, but also on the conscious use of natural resources. By actively promoting environmentally friendly practices, we are shaping a future that both reduces our ecological footprint and ensures long-term benefits for future generations.

However, our commitment to the environment is not limited to general principles. For us, energy-saving measures begin in the daily work process and at each individual workplace. Recyclable paper, waste separation, energy-saving screens, energy-saving pumps, energy-efficient gas condensing boilers and much more are a matter of course for us.

In addition to these measures, we launched our planting campaign for 500 trees together with PLANT-MY-TREE® over a year ago, in February 2023 (review via this link). Our divisional manager Thomas Mews was also on site to support the campaign and personally contribute to the one or other ground-breaking ceremony. As part of our commitment to the environment and climate protection, we presented our customers with tree certificates at Christmas, making them proud tree sponsors. These trees have now been allowed to grow on behalf of KiKxxl in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, and contribute to offsetting our CO2 emissions.

And now we have received exclusive pictures of the growing saplings from PLANT-MY-TREE®! The planting area in Lüdenscheid has already developed magnificently and we are thrilled with its growth (photos below the article)!

And more good news in terms of sustainability: We are now also being supplied by HHO Osnabrück in a climate-friendly way – with a very special e-bike! With an impressive load weight of up to 250 kilos and a top speed of 25 km/h, the “Velo” is more than just an ordinary bike. The priority is not just speed, but above all reliability. We are extremely enthusiastic about this environmentally friendly solution, as it not only helps to make supply chains more sustainable, but also shows that sustainability and efficiency can go hand in hand. It not only helps to reduce the carbon footprint, but also sends a clear signal for an environmentally conscious future. A great, forward-looking initiative!

We will continue our commitment to environmentally friendly practices and actively minimize our ecological footprint. Our aim is not only to preserve the quality of our environment, but also to create a sustainable foundation for future generations. We are aware that every action we take can have a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of future generations.

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