27. January 2023

Mental health first aiders at KiKxxl

Mental health is a high priority at KiKxxl. For this reason, some of our employees have been trained as first aiders for mental health. They have completed a first aider course, so that they are able to support employees in mental crises and/or deterioration of mental health.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, they also learned concrete first aid measures and consolidated them through practical exercises. The five steps from the “ROGER principle” serve as a guide for the first aiders. The word ROGER originally comes from radio and means that the other person has understood the message. As a key word in the context of first aid, behind each initial letter is a step (in German language, the step equals the first letter of ROGER) that should be followed when providing assistance:

R: Respond. Address the concern about the behavior and mental state, assess the problem and assist the person.
O: Focus on open and nonjudgmental listening and communication throughout the helping process.
G: Give information and support.
E: Encourage the person(s) to seek professional help.
R: Reactivate resources. Resources include self-help groups and strategies as well as special skills or breathing techniques.

The exact handling will be adapted according to the person and the situation. In any case, however, the focus of the treatment is an approachable, unbiased attitude and the preservation of the dignity and self-determination of the person affected. This approach is intended to take away their fear of talking about difficult issues and seeking help. However, reaching out to employees in times of crisis is not only beneficial for those affected. It also promotes cohesion and ensures a familiar and open corporate culture.

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