21. March 2022

Current status of the Odumkrom School bridge - Update February 2022

What is it about?
Madamfo Ghana wants to improve the living situation of the inhabitants of Odumkrom, especially the children, and enable them to cross the river safely. For this purpose, a pedestrian bridge should be built, which connects the neighboring villages with the main village of Ochiso. A total of about 2,000 people will benefit from the bridge.

KiKxxl already donated 20,020 euros to the Madamfo Ghana aid project on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. During the joint planning for the donation, it quickly became clear that KiKxxl would support the construction of the bridge. In order to be able to fully finance it immediately and not have to wait some time for further donations, KiKxxl donated another 30,000 euros in 2020. With the total of 50,020 euros, all costs were covered and nothing more stood in the way of the bridge construction.

During the construction of the pedestrian bridge, KiKxxl is working closely with the local population and locally based companies – starting with the concept and planning all the way to completion and maintenance.

What has happened so far?
Work on the construction of the bridge has been underway since June 2020. The progress of the bridge can be read on the website https://www.kikxxl-bruecke.com/ and will be updated there regularly!

Update October to February 2022:
At the last meeting in early September, the team responsible for the bridge construction told us that it would be advisable to wait until the end of the rainy season to transport all the metal parts of the bridge, because the bridge parts are very heavy and the road to Odumkrom is very muddy during the rainy season.

The rainy season lasted longer than usual last year. The roads were partly flooded and not passable with heavy vehicles, so that no further construction materials could be transported to the construction site. Likewise, the Corona pandemic also prevented work on the bridge for an extended period.

Since February 2022, the roads are finally passable again and further bridge parts could be transported from Kumasi to Odumkrom. Work on the bridge is now continuing.

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