30. March 2023

Trainees donate to the Osnabrücker Tafel

Our trainees from Osnabrück have once again demonstrated their social commitment and collected donations for the “Osnabrücker Tafel”. A total check worth 500 euros was handed over to the organization, made up of the deposit collected over half a year in the various areas at our Osnabrück site and a Christmas cookie sale. Another part was raised by KiKxxl. As a result, a handsome sum was once again handed over to the Tafel.

The “Osnabrücker Tafel” is a non-profit organization that works to distribute food that can no longer be used in the economic process to people in need. By donating goods, money and time, the Tafel helps those in need in the region and ensures that no one goes hungry.
During their on-site visit, the trainees gained an insight into the work and background of the Tafel. The demand for help has increased enormously since the Ukraine war and inflation. Every day, around 700 people come to the “Osnabrück Tafel” to receive food. The organization is supported by about 80 dedicated volunteers who take care of distributing and picking up the food. The Tafel also has several vehicles and a cargo bike to deliver the packed bags to those in need who are unable to pick up the food themselves.

We are grateful for the charitable action of our trainees, as it shows that even the youngest in our team take social responsibility and contribute to the community.

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