9. Şubat 2024

Career at KiKxxl

In our “Careers at KiKxxl” series, we introduce you to Demet today. She has been part of our team for half her life. Her journey at KiKxxl began as a customer advisor and eventually led her to applicant management. Find out more about her story in the interview:

How did you come to work for KiKxxl?
After my training as a lawyer and notary’s assistant, I was looking for a job when I heard that a new company called KiKtel was opening (KiKxxl was still called that back then!). I initially completed a three-month internship there, which was actually only intended as a temporary solution. However, after just a few weeks, our Managing Director Andreas offered me a permanent position. That was in 1999 – and now I’ve been here half my life!

What was your career like?
I started out as a customer advisor and then worked as a team assistant for a short time. When the idea of setting up an applicant management system came up, I joined it. I was the second member of the team and there are now eight of us. Today, I’m the longest-standing member of the applicant team!

What are your tasks?
I look through the applications and conduct the initial interviews with the applicants. I record all the important data and check whether the person is suitable for our team and, if so, for which project. After so many years in this role, I have developed a good sense of whether someone is a good fit for us. I really enjoy this work because I can approach applicants on a personal level and offer them a chance by inviting them to interviews.

What do you enjoy most and what makes KiKxxl special for you?
Simply everything, I feel completely at ease. The working atmosphere is great and I also get on really well with my colleagues. I’m such a crazy person and everyone knows what makes me tick and picks me up when I’m in a bad mood. It really is a great team with great team spirit. I’ve been here for almost 25 years and KiKxxl is just like my family. I love coming here every day, everyone here is very special. When you enter the KiKxxl premises, something happens to you, there’s a very special energy here.

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