5. Nisan 2024

Career at KiKxxl

Today we are introducing Senior Project Manager Thomas in our “Career at KiKxxl” series! His journey at KiKxxl began 18 years ago, so he has experienced a lot of our company history and therefore has a lot to tell. Read more about his exciting story in the interview:

What has your career at KiKxxl been like?
I’ve been with KiKxxl for 18 years now. My career began when I was made redundant. I started as a customer advisor and was the first trainee at KiKxxl. Through various positions such as team leader, senior team leader and project manager, I have continued to develop. Currently, as Senior Project Manager, my main focus is on the operational management of our customer contacts. I am in charge of all my projects and strive to keep my team together and lead them.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I particularly enjoy the teamwork here. I also love setting up new projects and designing new things from scratch. I also like being on the phone myself and talking to customers. As a true “KiKxxer”, it’s important to me not to forget my roots. I also find it exciting to work with different personalities every day. It is particularly important to me that we all treat each other with respect and as equals. I learned everything from the ground up and I think that often helps me to support new employees very well.

What do you particularly like about KiKxxl?
What I particularly like about KiKxxl is the partnership approach, the flat hierarchies and the family atmosphere. After 18 years at KiKxxl, I experience new challenges every day, which we master as a team. And I think it’s great that we have an open ear for everyone, that everyone gets a chance and that great employees develop with us. The close relationship with them contributes to a strong team spirit.

As a long-time veteran, how do you perceive the development of KiKxxl?
In my time with only 300 employees, we have developed and modernized at a rapid pace. It’s great to be part of this change. We have always worked at the highest level and kept pace with developments. I found it particularly impressive that we were one of the first call centers that no longer made anonymous calls. We were pioneers in number portability.

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