23. Nisan 2024

Career at KiKxxl

When KiKxxl was still in its infancy, Thomas Vossel started with us as a customer advisor. He is now a division manager and co-partner. You can find out more about him in the interview:

How did you come to KiKxxl and what was your career like?

After my horticultural training, I switched to sales for a short time and later to trade fair sales, but I longed for my home. When I saw KiKtel’s job advertisement, I applied (still handwritten at the time). And a few days later I started as a customer consultant! About a year and a half later, we started our first outbound project, which I managed together with a colleague. In the course of this campaign, I was promoted to team leader. I gradually rose through the ranks, from team leader to project manager, and from around 2009 I took on the position of division manager. I have also been a partner in the company since 2010.

What are your current responsibilities?

I am currently responsible for companies in the telecommunications, energy and household appliance sectors in Osnabrück and Dortmund. My main objective is to ensure that we achieve our corporate goals and satisfy both customers and clients. It is crucial that our employees are motivated and that I keep an eye on all aspects. A well-functioning team is essential!

What do you enjoy most?

Working in a team and achieving goals together gives me great pleasure. The process of gradual success and the variety of projects keep me alert and motivated. When we started out almost 25 years ago with fewer than ten employees, we were worried whether we would be able to fill our rented floor in Osnabrück. Today, when I look back on our development, it is truly remarkable how far we have come. For me, KiKxxl embodies ambition, dynamism and success!

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