30. Kasım 2021

#TBCIT introduce themselves

From being a mom to being a customer consultant

We asked Melina a few questions about how she found her way to KiKxxl and what motivated her to join us.

Questions for Melina:

Introduce yourself briefly:
Hello, I’m Melina Burkert and I’m 25 years old. My hobby is to be always sporty on the way, thanks to Corona unfortunately in the last year too briefly came.

How long have you been with Kikxxl?
I am already 1 year here in August, it feels like it’s been YEARS.

What did you do before KiKxxl?
Before joining KiKxxl, I was a mother and had already gained call center experience at other service providers. Being at KiKxxl has given my everyday life a completely different rhythm than I knew before. I come in in the morning to our CC1 (the best ever <3 ) and there is always a friendly and familiar ear. KiKxxl has become like a big family to me and I’m glad to be a part of it.

I like …
… the jump between job and family.

I am …
… always in a good mood, never in a bad mood and ready to give everything for the team. #THEBESTCOLLEAGUESINTOWN

What are your future goals at KiKxxl?
Developing further would be the next step for me. I’m already a professional customer advisor, the next step would be coach, because I like to give my colleagues advice and help them develop.

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