28. Temmuz 2023

Location presentation Bochum

In February 2015, KiKxxl opened its fourth location in the impressive Jahrhunderthaus in Bochum. As soon as you enter the building, you are impressed by its imposing architecture. Despite the central location, the nearby Westpark offers employees* the opportunity to relax amidst greenery. But what makes our location truly unique is our team! The employees rave about the fantastic atmosphere and the strong cohesion of the #BestenKollegInnenDerStadt!

The opening of the Jahrhunderthaus location has undoubtedly led to a positive and motivating work environment characterized by team spirit, enjoyment of work and shared activities.

We interviewed two of our employees to find out what they personally like most about this location:

“The atmosphere, the people and the mood here are just great! The location is totally central, so the site is super accessible. We also do cool things together as a team! The other day we went to Moviepark together, which was really fun!”

- Fabrice

“I like everything here! The colleagues are simply the best. Our team leader is great and so is the job – I love making phone calls! The atmosphere is always positive and pleasant. We even had our own little kiosk here where we could get little rewards with the chips we earned.”

- Almedina

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