20. Ocak 2023

Artificial Intelligence in customer service

Digitalization has greatly changed communication and also customer service. Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown enormously in recent years. For good reason, because AI holds valuable potential. As a future-oriented company, KiKxxl also relies on new technologies to optimize customer contact. In particular, the integration of intelligent voice- and chatbots offers great opportunities to take the interaction between companies and (potential) customers to a new level.

The 24/7 availability as well as the immediate and consistent answering of a wide variety of questions ensure a smooth customer journey. But it is not just for customers that communication via AI-driven bots is invaluable. Fast, high-quality service is also an effective way to increase workflow efficiency.

While complex processes are handed off to personal advisors*, the smart phone and chatbot can take over simple processes. For example, order processes are automated, meter readings are systematically queried, or customer authentications are completed in the shortest possible time. This efficient division of labor not only speeds up business processes, it also increases customer satisfaction and thus customer interaction.

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