8. Ağustos 2023

Small measures, big effect: KiKxxl saves 55 single-family homes energy!

In times of advancing climate change, a conscious approach to energy is of crucial importance. More and more companies are recognizing the global challenge and taking measures to minimize their environmental impact. We, too, are committed to this claim and are working flat out to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to further reduce our ecological footprint.

But it’s not just the big, obvious aspects of environmental protection that matter; seemingly small details can also make a valuable difference. True to this principle, we have successfully implemented the deactivation of computers and telephones at our company, which not only increases our efficiency but also contributes to remarkable energy savings.

In the past, more than 500 computers were operated continuously on company nights, resulting in enormous energy consumption and high environmental impact. Now, we only activate about 25 computers per night, including wallboards. By switching off the computers at night, we have been able to achieve energy savings of around 600 kW per day or 225,000 kW per year – equivalent to the power consumption of 55 single-family homes!

The conversion of the telephones to display deactivation is also proceeding successfully. With display deactivation, the phone screens are automatically switched off after a certain period of inactivity, thus avoiding unnecessary power consumption. Already 600 phones have been equipped with this feature – and more updates are on the way to provide the remaining devices with this energy-efficient technology. Thanks to these adjustments, we have already achieved annual electricity savings of 24,000 kW. When the conversion is complete, this saving will increase to as much as 55,000 kW per year.

Many people are not aware that even seemingly small power consumers such as the deactivation of computers and the permanent illumination of displays add up to considerable energy consumption due to their constant availability of the devices used. All in all, these environmentally friendly measures have already resulted in total energy savings of 249,000 kW/h per year for us. A value that is not only significant for ourselves, but also has a positive effect on the environment.

And that’s not all… Other measures have also been taken. Waste separation, the use of recyclable paper and many other environmentally friendly initiatives are already an integral part of our sustainable strategy. And we are determined not to let up on our path to a sustainable future.

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