1. Aralık 2023

KiKxxl positions itself for the future

Division Manager Björn Geise has been appointed to the management team. The 41-year-old has been with us for more than 20 years and has worked in every position from customer advisor to team leader to division manager.

“We are also facing major challenges in our industry as a result of digitalization, globalization and artificial intelligence,” says Andreas Kremer, founder and Managing Director of KiKxxl GmbH. According to Kremer, it was a logical consequence that Björn Geise, who is already responsible for these topics as a division manager and knows the company very well, will now take the next step as Managing Director from December 1, 2023. In future, he will be responsible for Human Resources, IT and Marketing. Managing Director (CEO) Andreas Kremer announces a new German and a new foreign location for 2024. “Advancing globalization also requires us to have a European focus in the interests of our customers,” says fellow Managing Director (COO) Erden Yildirim.

“The new possibilities offered by AI systems will also change our business in the long term,” Geise is certain. In addition to the challenge, the new Managing Director also sees great opportunities. “Many internal and external processes can be simplified by AI and employees can be supported in a targeted manner,” he is convinced. There are numerous potential applications here, such as reducing and qualifying the volume of contacts or providing important assistance for customer advisors in the various phases of customer contact.

This is a change process that must be supported by both employees and customers. In particular, the synergy between HR and IT is essential to holistically manage technical measures and personnel resources and training in order to provide the best possible support for change in the operational business and to empower and promote employees. Not only are customers’ requirements becoming more complex, but the range of tasks involved in advising customers has already changed and will continue to change and become more demanding due to the automation of simple business processes. And this in a market environment that is not necessarily getting any easier. However, Andreas Kremer also sees further growth potential for his company. The company currently has eleven locations in four countries and employs 2,900 people. Based on the plans for the new locations, the company aims to exceed the 3,000 employee mark in the first quarter of next year. In addition, the company’s current annual report shows turnover of over 100 million euros for the first time since it was founded.

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