19. Ekim 2023

Career at KiKxxl

In our “Careers at KiKxxl” series, Nick is in the spotlight today. Nick successfully completed his apprenticeship with us and went on to become the youngest team leader at KiKxxl! Learn more about his story in the interview:

What was your career at KiKxxl like?
I came to KiKxxl through a staffing agency and started my job as a customer service representative. During my time here, I successfully completed the apprenticeship to become a businessperson in dialog marketing (note from us: and passed with flying colors :-)). Immediately afterwards, I signed a contract as a team leader. As a trainee, my tasks were very varied; for example, I was in charge of the home office here at the site. As a team leader of a project at the Bremen site, I look after my colleagues here on site and also support the managers in Osnabrück in the same trade.

What do you enjoy most about your job and what are the challenges?
The challenge is to ensure on a daily basis that the relevant key figures for the project are correct. At the same time, it’s always a balancing act between friendship and leadership. Of course, I also always have to keep my colleagues motivated and happy. Every day is different and you are always faced with new challenges. As a result, it never gets boring! And I am always rewarded for good deeds with a smile from my colleagues.

What do you particularly like about KiKxxl?
Apart from the family atmosphere, I particularly like the fact that each individual has the opportunity for professional development if he or she so desires. At KiKxxl, everyone has the opportunity to actually make a difference, and that clearly sets us apart from other companies. Here, the same opportunities are open to everyone, and everyone can achieve the goals if he or she so desires.

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