15. Eylül 2023

Career at KiKxxl

Today we introduce you to Êgit in our series “Careers at KiKxxl”. He is a team leader in Recklinghausen and tells you in our interview exactly how it came about:

How did you come to KiKxxl?

I finished my studies around the same time the Corona pandemic started. Many people switched to part-time, short-time work and home office, and hardly any new people were hired. Accordingly, I was unemployed at first and then heard about KiKxxl through a temporary employment agency. Since I had already gained experience in sales during my studies, I then started as a customer consultant here.

How did that develop over time?

In the first few months at KiKxxl, it turned out that I was strong in sales, which led to me being taken on directly. I worked as a customer consultant for a year, but was then asked if I would be interested in becoming a coach. I immediately agreed, with the clear goal of moving up. A year later I was promoted to team leader, and since June 1 I have been team leader and am currently working in Recklinghausen. A new project is directly supervised by me and I am responsible for the atmosphere and the smooth running of the project.

What do you enjoy most about your job at KiKxxl?

In my role as a customer service representative, I enjoyed having direct customer contact. I bring a lot of humor to my conversations, which I really enjoy. As a coach, it fulfills me to teach others things and see their successes. It’s also always funny when I hear my own sayings from others on the team, which shows that my approach works. In my role as team leader, I have more responsibility and more opportunities to structure the team as I see fit.

What is special about KiKxxl?

What makes KiKxxl special is its openness and the values it lives by. This is reflected in conversations with colleagues. Everyone here is on a first-name basis and always in a good mood. And that goes right through to the management. With a team like this, it’s a pleasure to come to work!

PS: For those who read Êgit as “E” – it is pronounced with A ;-).

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