4. Ağustos 2023

Carreer at KiKxxl

Today we introduce you to Jenny in our series “Career at KiKxxl”. She has been with the team since 2012 and worked with us as a senior team leader. In our interview you can learn more about her career!

How did you come to your current position?
I came to KiKxxl in 2012 on a recommendation. Like so many, I actually only wanted to stay here temporarily. But then I just liked it here too much…. After a few years, I was asked if I could imagine a position as a manager – and that’s how my path began! I went through the trainee phase and became a team leader, about two years later I became a senior team leader. In the meantime, I was in Dortmund and also built up a sales team there. However, the double burden was only temporary, the team there was taken over and so I was able to focus fully on my work in Osnabrück in the back office again. Here I manage a team of about 15 employees.

And what do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy working in my team the most. Both the customer advisors and the managers are simply great. There is a lot of trust and we are a strong unit. That’s exactly why I chose the team and built it up this way. It’s a give and take, we master challenges together and celebrate successes together.

What do you appreciate about KiKxxl?
There are always challenging situations, especially in the back office. My colleagues always have an open ear, we support each other and complement each other.

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