5. Temmuz 2022

Happy Birthday, KiKxxl and welcome Athens!

Today we have reason to celebrate, because today we turn 23 years old and we open our new location in Greece in August.

The foundation stone was laid on Juist. To create a round-the-clock availability for craftsmen and customer-oriented service companies. That was the business idea that Andreas Kremer, a trained telecommunications technician, thought about with his then girlfriend and now wife Anke during a vacation on Juist. This was the birth of the KiKxxl company. That was all 23 years ago now and we can look back on a great company history. With six locations in Germany, three in Kosovo and one in Istanbul. And soon our new location in Athens will see the light of day.

After the opening in Istanbul, it was clear to managing directors Andreas Kremer and Erden Yildirim that KiKxxl should also have an even greater presence abroad. The location in Istanbul is extremely popular with both customers and our employees and has already grown considerably in the short time of its existence and the currently available spaces are fully occupied. These optimal conditions must now also be used in Greece and we are pleased to open our eleventh location in Athens. With a perspective of 200 jobs in inbound and outbound projects, we will exploit the potential that this country offers us. At the moment the building is still being renovated and adapted to our wishes, but already in August the first trainings will start and the first colleagues will move in. Then, with a view of the Acropolis from the roof terrace, it will be time to put the knowledge we have gained into practice and let the location grow.

We thank you for your time, your loyalty and the many wonderful moments we have experienced. We are looking forward to at least another 23 years and from now on also in Greece.

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