22. Ocak 2024

KiKxxl loves diversity

As the KiKxxl team, we would like to take a clear stance in an open letter in the midst of these challenging times, which are characterized by worrying political developments. With the voices of hate and intolerance growing louder, we are standing up for the values that form the cornerstones of our corporate identity: Teamwork, responsibility and respect.

At KiKxxl, it is a matter close to our hearts to firmly reject racism, anti-Semitism and hostility towards refugees. We say “no” to right-wing extremism and discrimination because we are proud to be a colorful and diverse team from 42 nations. A team not only of different origins, but also of different religions, sexual orientations, views and personalities.

Our founder and Managing Director Andreas Kremer underlines this attitude and emphasizes: “Our workforce reflects the diverse society that surrounds us. The diversity of the people with whom we interact every day in the course of our services. We are firmly convinced that this diversity is of great importance not only for KiKxxl, but also beyond.” Erden Yildirim also clearly expresses his conviction: “The different backgrounds, perspectives and talents that each person brings to our team not only make us more successful, but also more human. In a diverse environment, we learn from each other, grow together and create an atmosphere where innovation and inclusion thrive. At KiKxxl, we don’t see diversity as an option, but as an essential part of our identity and success story.”

We stand by our corporate values, which have rarely been as important as they are today: as a company and as individuals, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated with equal respect, regardless of their roots. In teamwork, when different characters with diverse backgrounds come together, each different point of view offers the opportunity for balanced and creative solutions. This not only contributes to quality in general, but also promotes the development of our company.

It is our common goal to set an example of tolerance and open cooperation beyond the borders of KiKxxl. We are committed to ensuring that diversity is recognized as a valuable asset not only within our company walls, but in society as a whole. Diversity should be seen as an opportunity and a strength and must never be a cause for fear, prejudice and hatred.

We call on our employees, business partners, customers and society as a whole: Let us stand united for democracy and create a world in which everyone feels welcome and valued.

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