31. Ocak 2024

25 Jahre KiKxxl

A quarter of a century has passed since KiKxxl opened its doors and we can hardly believe it! In these 25 years, we have achieved and experienced an incredible amount.
Our anniversary year is all about the motto “Sound of KiKxxl”! But what is behind this motto?

Imagine a beat that is as versatile as a favorite playlist – sometimes full of energy and joie de vivre, a real catchy tune that gets your legs moving. Then again relaxed and quiet, like a melody that lets you sway along. But always: unique, because each of us contributes our own voice!

The Sound of KiKxxl is our DNA, which is reflected in every note. It sounds like team spirit, creativity and passion. It’s not a one-hit wonder, but a unique melody that has united us all for 25 years.

“The Sound of KiKxxl sounds like happiness and family to me. In just 4 years, despite working part-time and having the responsibility of being a single mother, I have developed into a senior sales and communications trainer – an opportunity that is not offered so quickly everywhere. The trust and flexibility of KiKxxl are priceless. My motto: ‘Make your job your hobby and you won’t have to work a day in your life’ is something I can fully live by here.”

Gülhan, Senior Sales and Communication Trainer

“KiKxxl, my place to be! The flat hierarchy and the familiar atmosphere not only impressed me, but also persuaded me to choose this environment as my professional home. Through my various positions, I have experienced that we always interact on an equal footing here. The close, cooperative collaboration between all colleagues makes KiKxxl an inspiring workplace and habitat for many.”

- Dennis, Projectmanager

We look forward to another 25 years (and more) of first-class customer service!

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