12. Ekim 2022

Welcome, Marco

Today we would like to introduce you to our new IT Manager Marco. We asked him a few questions, which he answers in this post:

What did you do before KiKxxl?
Before KiKxxl, I worked for 12 years in various positions outside and inside IT at a European financial services company. The last 2 years I was, among other things, the head of IT at a medical service provider for large pharmaceutical companies.

What will your tasks be at KiKxxl?
At KiKxxl, I am taking over the management of IT and am looking forward to working with the IT team and management to accompany and shape the coming steps and challenges of KiKxxl. The goal is to further develop IT from a very solid base in such a way that we promote the growth of KiKxxl as a strong partner for all areas and locations.

What do you like about KiKxxl?
I’m very excited to get to know the different CC and will definitely want to “listen in” on the customer advisors to understand the business model and their processes. Of course, I am just as curious about the other different areas of KiKxxl, also to continue to promote good cooperation here.

How would you describe yourself?
I like change and the challenges it brings. I like working with people, especially bringing together different perspectives and approaches to common issues in order to find a solution.
In times of rapid growth and constant change, the following motto comes to mind with a twinkle in my eye:
You still have to have chaos in you to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

This is how you start the day
First I push the alarm clock already 5 minutes further XD
Afterwards a hot shower is irreplaceable to get the inner engine running.

We wish Marco lots of fun and success at KiKxxl – #TheBestColleaguesInTown are looking forward to a great time and good cooperation with you!

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