17. Mart 2023

Update in Athens

Our location in Athens has made great progress since its opening in August 2022, thanks to the good cooperation with our Greek colleagues. Since its opening more than half a year ago, the team in Athens has grown (together) in an exemplary manner. Athens is our first location in Greece and already the 5th location abroad.

One of the colleagues is Marta. Marta works at the reception desk and is also responsible for staff assistance in Athens. She has been in the team since the opening of the location and has been with us every step of the way.

Marta particularly emphasises the location of the site. From the tram, you practically fall straight into KiKxxl. Once in the building, you are surrounded by a team of about 50 employees. The team cohesion is excellent and the location is equipped with the latest call centre technology. We are proud of the location in Athens and are sure that together we can achieve a lot in Athens!

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