16. Aralık 2021

Small wishes 2021

We all know how nice it is to be given a gift and to be surprised by others.

This moment, when the wrapping paper tears and the bows are opened, is probably as unique for every recipient as the memory we get when we unwrap it. For most of us, these moments may be almost part of everyday life – normality. We receive many small attentions and often forget to enjoy these moments again.

But it is much worse that there are people and especially children who rarely or even never experience these feelings and memories. For this reason, our trainees Sara W. and Sabrina S. have taken on the project “Little Wishes 2021” of the Johanniter.

This project helps children and young people to experience precisely these moments described above. Handwritten wish lists from the children and young people are distributed to the companies that participate and can be accepted as a kind of sponsorship to fulfill the wish. Sara and Sabrina went through the divisions, made specialists and managers aware of the campaign and thus found 40 colleagues who took one such wish list and fulfilled the wish written on it.

This is an incredible number and we would like to thank everyone who supported this campaign. In addition, the CC3 and Alex M. also raised a donation check of 130 Euros and handed it over to the Johanniter as well. In the meantime the presents have arrived at the children in need.

It will be a great feeling for all the recipients to unwrap the gifts and we should all remember again how special and precious these moments are.

Many thanks also to Sara, Sabrina and Alex for the organization!

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