30. Kasım 2021

Bitte lächeln 🙂

Always on the first Friday in October, the “Calendar of Curious Holidays” from around the world provides a particularly beautiful occasion. Since 1999, many countries have been celebrating this day as World Smile Day, the international day of smiles. This day was brought into being by the US-American graphic artist Harvey Bell (1921 – 2001), who already developed the legendary yellow smiley in 1963.

Since Corona and the beginning of mandatory masking, it has become much more difficult to recognize people’s smiles and overall mood. Body language, gestures and facial expressions are decisive criteria for how we appear to other people and how we meet them. Despite the masks and the situation, we stay in a good mood and show our best smile on World Smile Day.

Body language is actually noticeable on the phone as well – we smile and show teeth when we speak into the shell. Our conversation partners notice and appreciate this.

Because for us it’s always: Keep on smiling.

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