6. Nisan 2023

Free debt counseling at KiKxxl

KiKxxl is a company that cares about the well-being of its employees. For this reason, a free debt counseling service was launched in cooperation with the works council. The offer includes the support of a professional debt counselor who comes directly to KiKxxl’s premises on selected dates.

The debt counseling at KiKxxl helps employees who find themselves in financial difficulties. In Germany, people in debt are not uncommon: according to SchuldnerAtlas 2022, around 5.88 million people in Germany have problems with debt and credit. There are many reasons for this, including unemployment, divorce or illness.

KiKxxl’s free debt counseling is an important step in helping those affected to overcome their financial difficulties. With expert support, they can reorganize their finances and reduce their debts. This not only improves their financial well-being, but also strengthens their mental health. After all, debt can be a major burden for those affected and lead to psychological problems. Thanks to free debt counseling at KiKxxl, employees can overcome their financial difficulties and shape their future positively.

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