16. Aralık 2021

KiKxxl increases starting salary for customer advisors

The communications service provider KiKxxl is taking account of the increasingly specialized and complex tasks facing female customer advisors and is one of the first companies of its size in the industry to increase the starting salary as early as January 1, 2022.

The management has decided that sales customer advisors in inbound and outbound will receive a starting salary of 12 euros an hour. “We want to set an example here and appropriately value the increased demands on the work #DERBESTKOLLEGENDERSTADT,” says KiKxxl CEO Andreas Kremer.

The scope of the customer advisors’ tasks has changed a lot over time, he says. Artificial intelligence and growing digitalization have brought about major changes in the industry. Today, female clients from the telecommunications, e-commerce, energy, finance, banking and insurance sectors in particular demand the highest level of quality and service. “In addition to contact by phone, we also have more and more customer contact via email, SMS/WhatsApp and chat portals. This requires higher qualifications and the use of these media,” adds Managing Director Erden Yildirim.

The minimum wage of 12 euros is planned by the new German government, but it is still unclear when it will actually be implemented. KiKxxl does not want to wait that long. “We want to retain our female employees in the long term and offer not only a higher starting salary, but also a variety of incentives,” says Kremer. In this way, the management not only wants to express its appreciation, but also set a signal for the industry.

Many of the communications service provider’s clients supported this decision and had already adjusted the conditions. “It is also in the interest of our clients that our colleagues are highly motivated,” said Yildirim.

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