31. Ocak 2023

A look at our foreign sites

As part of our changed growth strategy we succeeded in establishing additional sites in Kosovo, Turkey and Greece. The associated challenges were mastered excellently by our colleagues and, positioned as an attractive employer, we were able to record dynamic growth.

Erden Yildirim


KiKxxl is growing steadily. Last year, in addition to our existing locations, we started operations at another site in Kosovo, as well as in Greece and Turkey. Employees gave us a little insight into the new foreign locations.


At the beginning of February 2022, KiKxxl started operations at its new location in the Mecidiyeköy district of Istanbul. The site is in a very central location and is easily accessible by public transport. Modern call center workplaces for up to 300 employees were created on an area of 1,700 square meters. Since its opening, KiKxxl has become a well-known customer in Istanbul.

Kübra Koca, customer consultant

What is it like at the Istanbul location?
Our location is in a central position, right in the heart of Istanbul.

What is special about your location?
The flawless teamwork! We are now like a family that is getting bigger day by day.

What does it mean to you to be a part of KiKxxl?
I am very grateful that I got the chance to work here and grow together with KiKxxl!


In August 2022, we opened our fifth location abroad in Athens. The site is located in the Moschato district. There is space for 200 workstations here, which are equipped with the latest call center technology. In addition to the establishment of the location, the team has also developed very well.

Marta Aleksandra Groborz, receptionist with personnel assistance

What is special about your location in Athens?
Our location is characterized by its beautiful location right next to the streetcar – and by the small but excellent team!

What are you most grateful for in Athens?
In addition to the beautiful and modern equipment, we are grateful that we received such great support from our colleagues from Germany in setting up the location.

How are you doing in Athens?
We are doing great here! The atmosphere is great, we often meet during breaks and laugh a lot!

What has happened since the opening of your location?
When we were setting up the location, I was able to accompany us every step of the way and watch us develop with each passing day. Not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of building the team, we have been able to accomplish a lot!


Our Gjilan location was established in early 2022 as our third location in Kosovo. From the opening of the offices until today, we have constantly had great interest from German-speaking people who want to join KiKxxl & evroTarget L.L.C.. This is also due to the good reputation we have built as a company there. The capacity of the workstations is 80 people, but depending on the demand for new projects, there is the possibility of expansion. We are very pleased that in such a short time we have managed to become a leader in the field of customer service in Gjilan.

Natyra Sadiku, customer consultant

What is special about your location?
At our location, our skills and strengths complement each other very well. True to the motto “No one is as smart as all of us”.

What is the team spirit like?
We all work very closely together. We are a very communicative team and exchange ideas with each other. In this way, we can also represent each other when necessary.

What are you most grateful for?
We are grateful for our team. Each of us has shown a lot of strength and nerves even in difficult phases. We have also never been short of good humor at work!

How has your site developed since it opened?
Like any company, we have encountered different challenges in our growth process. However, mastering the challenges has paid off, and we now feel like we have a second home here!

And what else? A look at our other two locations in Kosovo:


“Our location is characterized by the professional, motivating and very positive team. The good working atmosphere is also reflected in the increase of our employees. I was the 14th employee, meanwhile we are already 180 in the same project!”

Blerim Qibukciu, Team Leader


“We are very happy about the close cooperation between Kosovo and Germany. But also within our team in Peja, we have become one big family that is constantly developing and solving the daily challenges together.”

Democrat Haxhijaj, Team Leader

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