23. Haziran 2023

Award of the Outbound Telecom division

Our Telekom Outbound division was named “Best Partner 2023 Outbound” by Telekom. This recognition shows that our team’s efforts were not only appreciated, but also achieved concrete positive results. Particular praise was given for our high consistency in performance as well as our solution-oriented, highly agile and creative reorientation.

These attributes are critical to outbound success, as they enable us to reliably and effectively target customers. The ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and develop innovative approaches sets the team apart from the competition, enabling them to build effective customer relationships, increase revenue and remain competitive. These achievements also enable us to ensure long-term success.

We are not only proud of this award, but also of our dedicated colleagues who have contributed significantly to this success. Their dedication, creativity and ability to flexibly adapt to changes have made our Telekom unit the best partner in the outbound sector. Together, we will continue to work on providing our customers with outstanding service and finding new innovative ways to meet their needs and increase their satisfaction.

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