25. June 2024

News from the Freizeichen: Fresh ideas for every day!

A lot has happened since our opening and we are pleased to present our latest updates. Our canteen fairies Evelyn and Nicole do their best every day to satisfy our guests – with great success! The canteen has been met with great enthusiasm by our employees – and is now also open to external guests! We look forward to welcoming many visitors from outside!

One new feature we are introducing from June is our theme days! Every Wednesday is “Fit Week” with healthier options for an energising start to the second half of the week. And because we know that a balanced diet should also leave room for (slightly unhealthier) indulgent moments, we are offering our “Five Fries Friday”, which takes place every third Friday of the month! For just €5, you can enjoy a delicious meal of chips – the perfect highlight to round off the week. And in keeping with the summer season, we also offer a selection of refreshing ice creams as well as delicious desserts.

Another sustainable innovation is our deposit boxes to go! This allows you to conveniently take the food from the Freizeichen home with you. The deposit box can be purchased in the canteen for just 5 euros. In return, you will receive a deposit card that counts as a voucher worth 5 euros. You can also invest the voucher in your next meal when you return the box,

Another sustainable innovation is our deposit boxes to go! These allow our guests to simply take their food from the Freizeichen home with them. The deposit box is available in the Freizeichen for 5 euros. With the deposit box you receive a deposit card worth 5 euros, which can be used as a voucher for the next meal when the box is returned. This system helps to reduce packaging waste and at the same time offers a practical and environmentally friendly solution for our guests.

We also have lots of exciting new features on Instagram! In addition to the weekly menu, we regularly share fresh content such as the cooking tip of the week on our Freizeichen account. We also provide tasty insights into our extensive breakfast buffet. A special highlight is our “dish of the week”, where our followers decide which dish from the menu they are most excited about. The winning dish is photographed and also published on our Instagram channel.

We are delighted with the positive response to our free signal and look forward to welcoming even more visitors to our restaurant by opening it up to external guests! This support motivates us to further expand our offer and provide our guests with an all-round successful experience.

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