17. May 2024

Continuous growth in Kosovo

We are pleased to take a look at the progress we are seeing at our locations in Kosovo. The entire region is showing a noticeable dynamic and we are proud to be part of this positive development. With our three locations in Prishtina, Peja and Gjilan, we are seeing a number of exciting changes. The increasing demand for our services and our constant growth allow us not only to attract new customers, but also to continuously expand our team.

In Prishtina, we are delighted to welcome a new renowned client from the barbecue industry: Burnhard! This dynamic company offers innovative, high-quality barbecue appliances and boasts fresh branding that secures it a strong position on the market, even in comparison to established competitors.

We are proud to master the upcoming intensive (summer) seasons together with Burnhard. Our two-week training courses prepared our team optimally for the tasks ahead and taught them a lot about barbecues and barbecue accessories. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our commercial department relies on a balanced mix of written and telephone communication. To reach as many customers as possible, we offer our services in German, English and Dutch. The new area at the Prishtina site has been extensively adapted and given a modern design to perfectly reflect the identity of the customer.

We also received good news from Peja from one of our renowned customers in the mobility industry. Our successful collaboration since 2022 has led to us not only continuing our partnership, but also planning an expansion. The customer has decided to build its team together with us from the summer.

Our third location in Kosovo is also a complete success! The 80 workstations in Gjilan are already at full capacity, so we had to relocate 25 employees to an additional office nearby. To support the rapid growth, we are looking for another location here.

With these positive developments, we are continuing our course based on growth, innovation and first-class customer service. We are excited about the projects ahead and look forward to continuing to work successfully with our valued customers and partners. The outlook is promising and we are confident that our next steps will take us and our customers even further forward.

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